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Lord Derby Eland and Bongo Chargement de l'image

Lord Derby Eland and Bongo

Type : 1x1
Duration : 18 days

1 HUNTER X 1 GUIDE = 68 000 USD

1 OBSERVER = 6 000 USD



Niwa Area

We organize safaris from the best hunting area for Western antelopes in all Cameroon. At five hours drive from Garoua or N'Gaoundere, this beautiful area is approximately 200,000 hectares wide and is located at the South of the Boubandjida National Park. It is formed by a series of plains and hills and covered by a bushy savannah interspersed by three different rivers. The number of animals you will see every day is absolutely outstanding!

We have always 100% success rate for Lord Derby Eland, Roan Antelope, Western African Savannah Buffalo and Korrigum.

In Savannah Area your quota will be in addition to the Lord Derby Eland as below :

- 1 animal from the following A list : Lord Derby Eland (with a 10,000 USD bonus), West African Savannah Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Sing Sing Waterbuck, Harnessed Bushbuck,

- 2 animals from the following list B : Western Hartebeest, Central Kob, Bohor Reedbuck, Red River Hog, Warthog,

- 2 animals from the following list C : Oribi, Western Bush Duiker, Red Flanked Duiker, Baboon, Python and Civet Cat.

If you wish to hunt more species from list A,B and C please contact us.



Yoko Area

Forest hunting is exciting  and the local trackers with their dogs are axcellent hunters. Hunting is mainly on foot, but also from machans settled near the edge of large clearings.

Bongos, Sitatungas, Duikers (Blue, Peter, Bay, Black Fronted) and Dwarf Buffaloes are some of the most intersting species in the area, some of them are splendid trophies. Our hunting area is located in the North East of Yaoundé at only 7 hours drive with very comfortable vehicle.

As for savannah area we have a success of 100% for Bongo. The chance to harvest a sitatunga and a dwarf buffalo are also high.

In Forest Area you will have on your quota in addition to the bongo the opportunity to hunt the following species : Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog, Red Rvier Hog, Blue Duiker, Peters Duiker, Black Fronted Duiker and Bay Duiker.



- Day 1 :

Arrival from Paris to Douala.

Meet and greet and transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Douala.

- Day 2 :

Transfer to the airport and domestic flight to Garoua or N'gaoundere.

Arrival, meet and greet and transfer to the hunting area (5 hours drive)

Overnight at the camp.

- Day 3 to day 11 :

9 hunting days in our savannah area.

- Day 12 :

Road to Garoua or N'Gaoundere.

Domestic flight to Yaoundé and transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Yaoundé.

- Day 14 to day 22 :

9 hunting days in our forest area.

- Day 23 :

Road to Yaoundé (7 hours drive)

Departure from Yaoundé to Paris

- Day 24 :

Arrival at Paris, connection with your international flight.




The Price Includes:

- Meet and greet plus assistance at Douala, Garoua or N’Gaoundere and Yaoundé airports,

- Transfer from Garoua or N’Gaoundere to the hunting area (and return) by car with A/C,

- Transfer from Yaoundé to the hunting area (and return) by car with A/C,

- The organization of your safari with 4x4 vehicles, professional hunters, trackers, porters, skinners,

- The rent of a rifle with scope and ammunitions in both areas,

- Full board accommodation and drinks at the hunting camp.


The Price Does Not Include:

- The international flight Paris/Douala and Yaoundé/Paris,

- The domestic flight Garoua or N’Gaoundere/Yaounde (around 250€ in economy class and 500€ in business class),

- Package for transfers and hotel cost in Douala on arrival (500€ for one room),

- Package for transfers and hotel cost in Yaoundé on arrival (around 500€)

- Trophy fees,

- Community development tax (15 % on the amount of trophy fees),

- Hunting permit (1 600€ for Cameroon Savannah & 1 600€ for Cameroon Forest),

- Dipping fees and veterinary certificates per trophy: cape (200€); full mount (300€),

- Packing and forwarding of trophies to Douala and Yaoundé: a total rate of 3 000$; shipping fees outside the country not included,

- Insurances costs,

- Visa, personal expenses and tips.




List A :

Lord Derby Eland: 4 000

Korrigum: 3 000

West Savannah Buffalo: 2 400

Western Roan Antelope: 2 400

Sing Sing Waterbuck: 2 000

Harnessed Bushbuck: 1 500

List B :

Western Hartebeest: 1 900

Central Kob: 1 500

Bohor Reedbuck: 1 500

Red River Hog: 1 000

Warthog: 400

List C :

Oribi: 300

Western Bush Duiker: 300

Red Flanked Duiker: 600

Python : 700

Civet Cat : 300


Bongo: 3 900

Western Sitatunga: 3 100

Dwarf Buffalo: 2 800

Giant Forest Hog: 2 000

Red River Hog: 650

Blue Duiker: 300

Peters Duiker: 600

Black Fronted Duiker: 600

Bay Duiker: 600


Trophy fees can be modified without notice by the local authority. The full trophy fee is due if animals are wounded and impossible to find.

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