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Cameroon Forest

Fauna Safari Club organizes your customized hunt in Cameroon.

In the forest, we offer safaris in zone 36, Goboumou, situated in the Southeast of the country on the border of Central Africa.
This hunting zone has over 300,000 untouched acres. It is comprised of many savannahs and swamps and is in the heart of the equatorial forest, on the edge of which comfortable blinds are situated.

This totally uninhabited zone was hunted for the first time in 2001. In it we find numerous forest species such as: Bongo, Sitatunga, Forest Elephant, Dwarf Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog, Red River Hog, Blue Duiker, Black Fronted Duiker, Peters Duikers, Bay Duiker, and Bates Antelope.

The density of animals and quality of trophies is truly exceptional.

Superior accommodation is provided in very comfortable bungalows.

Hunting in the equatorial forest with Pygmy trackers and their dogs is the safari experience of a lifetime!

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