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Savannah and Forest

Cameroon is an amazing country for big game hunters. It has the particularity to have excellent hunting areas in Savannah and Forest with impressive population of animals and great trophies.

As specialists of hunting safaris in Central and Western Africa we are very well acquainted in Cameroon as we have been hunting there for more than twenty years.

Our savannah and forest areas are among the best in the country. This is why we have decided to propose a special program combining our two areas with main objective to hunt a Lord Derby Eland and a Bongo.

The program is an 18 hunting days safari, 9 days in savannah and 9 days in forest area. We are sure than within this time hunters will have high chance of success.

Hunters will enjoy the same quota than for a normal safari in both areas. In our savannah area they will have the opportunity to hunt as well : Korrigum, Roan Antelope, Western African Savannah Buffalo, etc... In our forest area they will have the opportunity to hunt as well : Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo, Bay Duiker, Blue Duiker, etc...

Hunting period to combine both areas : April - May

Accomodation is provided in a very comfortable hunting camps with bungalows with en-suite facilities.

 18 days
 68000 us $ /pers
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